Interpretation center

” You want to see, hear! ” What could be simpler and more lucid as quote! It is also a message of openness, an invitation to the transmission of knowledge and knowledge. And yet! It’s a good quote troubling given that its author was one of the most ruthless representatives of the Cistercian order: Bernard of Clairvaux. The emblematic figure of the twelfth century that will constantly trying to impose its fundamentalist world vision. Why this flash of wisdom and openness in this man so spirited and controversial?
This raises the question!
And this is where we want to embark. In questioning, critical, a break with the ideas, prejudices. They concern the lives of men and women in the Middle Ages, as the cultural bias of a biodynamic garden or the path of an artist.

The Interpretation Centre of the Abbey of Bonnefont tries a look on the time. The past time and ours. It does not claim to answer all questions but claims ask questions; starting point of our reflection, our awakening, of our imagination. Quote a philosopher closer to us, Bergson, who says ’emotion is a stimulant, it encourages the mind to undertake and the will to preserve’. This is the board that we will try to follow to talk about medieval history, agro-ecology, art!

Also it is the living that we have dedicated this center to its best knowledge and its transmission. In this building that history has rendered  in part silent  the nineteenth century, when men, by dismembering it, have not decided to preserve his memory and to give us the spirit of a century. So we try to weave with each visitor links between people before and today, between expertise. History, Nature, Garden, Art, Landscape, Heritage. This is the taste of the things in question, to prepare for the future.

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